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Stuardt Clarke’s Rome

This is a comprehensive guide to Rome, Italy that was originally written by Stuardt-Mikhail Clarke. I used to love to refer to this website when I was planning my trips to Italy, which more often included a short three or four day stay in Rome. A while ago I noticed the website was down and then the domain name was for sale, so I decided to try and recreate the website to preserve all the great information that I am sure that I and many other people have found useful over the years.

The plan now is to to try and provide an excellent source of information for anybody deciding to visit this wonderful capital city of Italy. Rome is, in my mind, the center of Europe and should be on everybody’s bucket list as an essential place to visit.

I am also hugely interested in many other parts of Italy, especially the more volcanic areas like Sicily. Whilst Etna in Sicily is so high and majestic, I am equally interested in Vesuvius which is easily accessible from Naples or Pompeii.