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St. Peter's Basilica Floor Plan

An enlarged diagram of the floor plan is shown below.  The numbers correspond to the key below the diagram.

(Drawing:  Stuardt-Mikhail Clarke)

Key to floor plan:

A    Statue of Charlemagne by A. Comacchini (1725) 35  Monument to Urban VIII
B    Statue of Constantine by Bernini (1670) 36  Chair of St. Peter by Bernini
37  Monument to Paul III (Della Porta)
1    Facade by Maderno 38  Monument to Alexander VIII
2    Mosaic "of the Navicella" by Giotto 39  Altar of the paralytic
3    Portico by Maderno 40  St. Leo's Altar
4    Bronze doors by Filarete with bas-relief above 41  Altar dedicated to Our Lady of the Column
          by Bernini 42  Monument to Alexander VII (Bernini)
5    Holy Door 43  Altar dedicated to SS. Peter and Paul
6    Spiral column from the Temple of Jerusalem (see note at bottom) 44  St. Thomas' Altar
7    Michelangelo's Pieta (1500) 45  St. Joseph's Altar
8    Old sarcophagus 46  St. Martial's Altar
9    Chapel of the Crucifix 47  Monument to Pius V (Tenerani) and entrance to 
10  Statue of Leo XII          the Vestry and the Treasury
11  Monument to Queen Christina of Sweden 48  Altar dedicated to SS. Peter and Andrew
12  Chapel of St. Sebastian and the monuments 49  St. Gregory's Altar (tomb underneath)
          to Pius XI and Pius XII 50  Monument to Pius VII (Thorwaldsen)
13  Monument to Innocent XII 51  Altar of the Transfiguration
14  Tomb of Countess Matilde 52  Monument to Leo XI
15  Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament 53  Tomb of B. Innocent XI
16  Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament Altar 54  Chapel of the Choir
17  Doorway leading to the Scala Regia 55  Choir stalls
18  Doorway leading to the organs 56  Monument to St. Pius X
19  Monument to Gregory XIII 57  Monument to Innocent VIII
20  Tomb of Gregory XIV 58  Chapel of the Presentation and Urn of Pius X
21  St. Jerome's Altar           and the monuments to Benedict XV (Canonica)
22  Monument to Gregory XVI           and to John XXIII (Greco)
23  Altar dedicated to Our Lady of Succour 59  Monument to Maria Clementina Sobieski and
24  St. Basil's Altar          entrance to the Dome
25  Monument to Benedict XIV 60  Tomb of the Stuarts
26  St. Wenceslas' Altar 61  Baptismal Font
27  Altar dedicated to SS. Processus and Martinian 62  Holy water stoup
28  St. Erasmus' Altar 63  Statue of St. Peter
29  Altar of the Navicella 64  Statue of St. Veronica (Mochi)
30  Monument to Clement XIII (Canova c 1790) 65  Statue of St. Helena (Bolgi)
31  St. Michael's Altar 66  Statue of St. Longinus (Bernini)
32  St. Petronilla's Altar 67  Status of St. Andrew (Duquesnoy); entrance to Vatican Grottoes
33  St. Peter's Altar 68  The Confession/St. Peter's Tomb (Maderno)
34  Monument to Clement X 69  Baldacchino by Bernini

NOTE:  This spiral column (Santa Colonna) was originally placed where indicated at No. 6; it was then moved to the Treasury (entrance at
              No. 47).