All Roads Lead To Roma

Vatican Area Locator Map

Note:  This map is not to scale nor are all smaller streets included and is intended solely for the purpose of site orientation in relation to each other.  It is not intended as a replacement to an official map; therefore, it is highly recommended you obtain a current edition of a travel guide
or official map of Rome prior to your trip.  Use the right sidebar to proceed downward on the page.This is a map of the Vatican area.  It is shown below in detail with the legend underneath.  Hit  your Back button to return to the maps page.  I do have write-ups and pictures on different portions of my website for some listed in the legend below:  for *, see my Dining, Shopping, and Lodging page; for **, see my
Churches and Basilicas page.

(Drawing by Stuardt-Mikhail Clarke)


The solid red line shows you the route to take to get to the entrance to the Vatican Museums from Piazza di San Pietro.

1 = Santo Spirito in Sassia*
2 = This way to Castel Sant'Angelo and Old Rome
3 = Souvenir Traspontina (formerly Bernardi's), v. d. Concilizione, 14/A*
4 = Santa Maria in Traspontina**
5 = Passetto (Pope's Corridor connecting the Vatican with Castel Sant'Angelo)
6 = Il Minuto (Watches and Jewelry), Borgo Pio, 136*
7 = Vatican Emporium, via del Mascherino, 42*
8 = Galleria Mariana, via di Porta Angelica, 69A/71 (at Borgo Pio)*
9 = Soprani s.r.l. (religious souvenirs), via del Mascherino, 80
10 = eraRoma, via del Mascherino, 88*
11 = Rome Post Office
12 = Ottaviano (San Pietro) Metro subway station
13 = Dino & Tony's Hosteria-Pizzeria, via Leone IV, 60*
14 = Reasonable restaurant on corner of via Candia and via Tunisi for lunches
15 = Cipro (Musei Vaticani) Metro subway station
16 = Santa Maria delle Grazie
17 = Entrance to Vatican Museums
18 = St. Anne's Church just inside St. Anne's Gate
19 = St. Anne's Gate
20 = Vatican Post Offices
21 = Vatican Restrooms
22 = Vatican Bookstore
23 = Swiss Guard Station / Arch of the Bells
24 = Excavations Office for the Necropolis Tour
25 = Main entrance to St. Peter's Basilica
26 = Religious souvenir gift shop at St. Peter's
27 = Nervi Hall (where Wednesday's Papal Audiences are held in the winter)
28 = Cola di Rienzo (very popular shopping street where the locals frequent)
29 = Bronze Door (staircase you go up to get your Papal Audience tickets)
30 = Exchange office (Cambio) Maccorp Italiana S.P.A. Roma Conciliazione, v. d. Conciliazione, 43A* (also one inside Stazione Termini)

Some additional helpful information has been provided from my friend, Andrea Pollett, who resides in Rome:

31 = (via A. Doria) one of the largest open-air markets in Rome, if not the largest.  It is open in the morning (very few stalls are open in
        the afternoon).
32 = (Piazzale degli Eroi) large supermarket is located here.
33 = (via F. Caracciolo) small supermarket located here, but good enough for the essentials.
34 = (via S. Veniero) a medium-sized supermarket, very close to the Vatican Museums.
35 = (via S. Veniero) another medium-sized supermarket, even closer to the Vatican Museums.
36 = Medium-covered market which is open in the morning, but some stalls stay open in the afternoon as well.  Note that despite the
        whole block is occupied by the market's building, the address is still Piazza dell'Unita, as in the early 1900s this was an open space.
37 = (via dei Gracchi) another large/medium-sized supermarket located in the basement of the building.

Those markets located at 33 and 35 are what the locals call "hard discount stores", which keep the prices as low as possible.  The
brands are obscure in most cases, but the quality is good enough, if not even better than what the official brands offer.  But if you are
looking for a better selection or for high-quality brands and are ready to spend slightly more, visit the store located at 32.

Piazzale degli Eroi:  This is a crucial spot, and many bus lines refer to their stops nearby as the name of the square rather than the
name of the street.

Largo Trionfale:  This is another crucial spot for traffic and bus lines, although it looks more like a crossing than a square.  Furthermore,
via Trionfale starts from there (according to its moden name, as in old times, it started from beyond the Vatican).